Tuesday, June 25, 2019

July - August 2019

The crew that built and installed and planted the flowers in our new flower boxes. Thanks to Susie Bancer, Jim Earnhardt, Stan Mobley, and Jack Bancer. Mac McAdams (not pictured).
We look forward to the year-round growth of the newly planted flowers--including knock out roses, dwarf Alberta pine, coned dwarf Japanese holly, pencil Japanese holly with dwarf gardenias, nandinas, pansies, and coreopsis

President's Note

Have you ever asked yourself "what would I do if I had control over how government works at any level?"  Think about it!  Are you concerned about climate control, the opioid crisis, high taxes, open boarders, healthcare, affordable education?  Are there other issues that directly affect you?  Now is the time to voice your concerns.  The Upper Hickory Nut Gorge Community Club is going to offer a platform for you to speak up. 

Sunday evening, August 4, at 6 p.m., UHNGCC will hold a Town Hall meeting.  All are invited.  The featured speaker will be our neighbor, State Representative John Ager.  John will make a brief presentation with an inside look at what's happening in Raleigh and how it affects western North Carolina.  Then we'll open the floor to questions.  It will be your opportunity to let John Ager know how you feel about issues currently under consideration in the NC legislature and at the Federal level.  Please join us for a very informative event.

Once again, members of our Gerton Community have answered the call for help.  Last month you donated over 75 pounds of food to our Outreach Program.  To date we have collected 348 pounds toward our annual goal of 500 pounds.  Thank you for your support.
We owe a huge THANK YOU to Anita Owenby.  Anita has taken on the responsibility of mowing the areas surrounding our 2 Welcome to Gerton road signs.  Thank you, Anita; they look great. 

Look forward to seeing all of you on July 4th for breakfast, games, cookout, bingo, and a fantastic fireworks display.

Jack Bancer

The ECHO OF THE GORGE is published bi-monthly, a newsletter of the UHNGCC.
Copies are available in the Gerton Post Office or the issue may be found online: www.gertonecho.blogspot.com
News and pictures may be sent to Margaret Whitt at margaret.whitt@du.edu
Photographers for this issue: Margaret Whitt, Gloria Anders, and Sylvia Sane.
Officers of the 2019 UHNGCC: President - Jack Bancer;
Vice-President - Jim Earnhardt; Secretary - Susie Bancer; Treasurer - Sylvia Sane;
Board - Stan Mobley, Syble Freeman, Jean Bradley, Margaret Whitt, Karen Owensby

Calendar of Events

July 4, Thursday - A Day of Celebration: 

Breakfast - 7:30 - 10 a.m.
Games for adults and kids - 10 a.m.
  • egg relay
  • 3-legged race
  • shoe race
  • wheelbarrow race
  • over and under
  • balloon pop
  • sponge race
  • sack race
Cook-out with burgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs provided. Bring sides- 6:30 p.m.
Followed by Bingo with prizes
and Fireworks - Gerton-style --at DARK
July 16, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. - Community Covered Dish. Program: summer play preview

July 26, Friday and July 27, Saturday -  8 p.m. Gerton Little Theatre: "Cupcakes and Crazies"

August 4, Sunday, 6 p.m. Town Hall Meeting with state representative John Ager. Come and bring your questions. 

August 20, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. - Community Covered Dish. Program: Ali Stone, Program Manager for The Lord's Acre

August 31, Saturday, ALL DAY - GERTONFEST XI

"Cupcakes and Crazies"

Little Theatre Returns to Gerton, 21st Year

The Hickory Creek Players will perform in their annual summer Little Theater at the UHNGCC located in Gerton on the last weekend of July, Friday and Saturday nights,  26th and 27th. Doors open at 7:30  and play begins at 8 p.m. The ticket cost is $15 at the door.

"Cupcakes and Crazies" is the name of this year's world premiere, written by Jason Hernandez. The cast of the play will include locally well known and seasoned actors Jason Hernandez, J.D. Nappi, Gloria Anders, and Sadie Moore. Set in the office of a psychiatrist, several patients will appear with their problems, hoping to have them solved with professional help.

 Come and find out the nature of what is troubling them, how the therapist goes about pointing out what could be helpful, and who, in the end, saves the day. Bring your family and friends. Gerton's summertime theatrical offerings are NOT an evening to miss. (Just ask anyone who has been before!)

Flags on Display from Memorial Day to Labor Day

Thanks to Jim Sane for once again hanging our flags through the straightaway of Gerton on Highway 74A. The flags proudly show our support for our country and greet tourists and locals for the summer months.
Over a dozen flags line the roadway--here at the community center and on every pole along the way. Petunias have been planted under the sign and the flower boxes are in full bloom.
...and flags off Konatoga and beyond the Bearwallow church.

New Community Bulletin Board

Thanks to Jim Earnhardt, we have a new community bulletin board in place. Feel free to post information that you want to share with all. Please remove the material once it is out-of-date.
The small overhang should keep most items in a rain-free environment. 

Host Families Needed for International Summer Campers

Xplore USA, which hosts an international summer camp in Asheville every July will welcome teens from Spain, Italy, France, and Germany for a day camp with a homestay. 
Xplore is in need of families to host an international student this summer for 3-4 weeks.  You don't have to have kids, but if you do there's an opportunity to include them in a week of camp. 

Details are below. Please contact Caitlin Van Hecke via email or phone for more details: Caitlin.vh@gmail.com, 202.815.4192

4 weeks (June 29-July 27) - Spanish and German students
3 weeks (July 6-July 27) - Italian and French students

Upon arrival on a Saturday, students and host families will have a welcome orientation the following day on Sunday before beginning camp on Monday. There is no day camp on the 4th of July or July 27th (final day of camp). On July 27th, students prepare for the farewell party, where we have a potluck where students all bring a dish from their home country. On July 19th, all families are invited to attend a Tourist’s game with the students. One of the kids will get to throw the first pitch.

Host Responsibilities: 
1. We ask that host families provide transportation to and from camp (at Hanger Hall) Monday through Friday. Drop off is between 8:30-9 a.m. and pick up is from 5-5:30 p.m.
2. To provide 3 meals per day, including a packed lunch most days. Xplore provides lunch once per week and this will be outlined in the final itinerary
3. Provide a private bed for the student. 
4. Be open to sharing your life with your student! We do not ask that you do anything out of the norm to entertain the students. As you’ll see in the tentative itinerary, we keep them very busy. We entertain them so you can enjoy them!

May Program 

On May 21, we had 43 neighbors gather for food, talk, and a good program from Chimney Rock Park. Before we officially start and during the help-yourself part of dinner, there is always congenial mixing and milling about.

 Jim Peine won the 50/50 Raffle, becoming the first person to win it twice! He took home $50.
Landdis Hollifield, the Events and Promotions Manager at Chimney Rock Park gave a program on the overview of the park and some of the recent updates. The Morse Brothers sold the park to the state plus an additional 100 acres. Landdiss works for the park, coordinating school groups, and special programs. She provided trail maps and brochures to all interested. Think about making the old park a new part of your summer activities when company comes.

No Dumping on 74-A and Bearwallow Mountain Roadside

Lately, residents have noticed that people must have decided that this location is a good place to dump unwanted furniture and outdated appliances. Please take down a tag number of anybody you may see placing unwanted items on the roadside. Give the license tag number to a member of the board. We all need to work together to keep Gerton beautiful.

First Summer 2019 Litter Sweep

Bottom Row: Jack Bancer, Jim Sane; Standing: Sylvia Sane, Jim Earnhardt, Don Adoryan, and Mary Anne Adoryan
Summer litter sweep took place on Saturday, June 15, 10-11:40 a.m. Those participating were Jack Bancer, Susie Bancer, Jean Bradley, Sylvia Sane, Jim Sane, Gloria Anders, Jim Earnhardt, Mary Ann Adoryan, and Donald Adoryan. The crew collected three bags of trash and three bags of recycles. The weather was perfect and minimal traffic assisted in the swift picking up. Next litter sweep will be the first weekend in August. Plan to join the effort!

June Program

A sudden and resounding rainstorm joined 41 neighbors for the June 18 community covered dish. The plan was to eat and then take a field trip to the Flowering Bridge at Lake Lure. Because of the rain, we postponed the bridge tour until later in the fall. Gayle Morris was hostess .... and also the winner of our 50/50 raffle, taking home $50. The centerpieces at each table went home with the person who was closest to celebrating a birthday. (Gayle is pictured above in black!)

Neighborhood News

Ned Beck, who owns a home in Chestnut Hills, takes his annual motorcycle trip, stopping here at Independence Pass in Colorado--just take a look at early June snow.

Where earlier in the spring, we had a temporary stop light--now we have a new look to the old land slide. The hillside has been graded, the rocks have been put in place, and new trees have been planted. This work has all been done by the state in hopes that the new improvements will create a buffer to future challenges from the weather. The hillside up Highway 9 has also been richly improved. Be sure to notice as you go by--even though there is no longer a traffic light to make you stop.

Sheila Padgett, now our long-term tenant in the retail end of the center, has new signs in place on the side of the building. Studio 74-A is open on Saturdays throughout the spring, summer, and fall of the year. Sheila does custom work, as well. Stop by and chat with her about what services she may provide for you.